Curve Approved

I have come to accept that life is what you make it. There are those born with silver spades shoved up their secret areas and there are those who work towards owning such spades.

Any-which way, we have to share the space given to us, that space being the earth. How we occupy the said space largely depends on the size of spade you currently own, but it is also determined by your body. I mean your physical appearance.

Body. A topic which is still largely taboo, when it comes to how it works, why it works, how to use it, when to sell it if need be. But it is still a body, your body, which is largely your business.

Minding your own business is by far the most difficult thing on earth! I lie! Not eating cake is the most difficult thing on earth! Your body is your business, and you should carry it and treat it the way you please. But ooooooh no! Some people have made it their business to attack those who choose to live on the other side of the flesh-hold.

I therefore am making it my business to bring to you those who have crossed over to the “fleshy” side and make no apologies. I am a member of those who are big, proud and extremely comfortable in my skin. Maybe too comfortable…he he he!

This here page will feature my “chub” mates. We are all working towards eliminating stereotypes around plus size women, while encouraging positive body image and teaching ladies how to love and accept who they are and how they are no matter your size or shape.

We are people, we are beautiful, we are smart, we are intelligent, we are entrepreneurs, we are women, we are mothers, we are wives, we are sisters, we are daughters, we are alive and happy, we are CURVE APPROVED!