Older people.

Died at 18 buried at 55


It’s been a fantastic day… I feel like I stepped into a portal that took me back in time, to a place full of forgotten things like laughter and conversation. Honestly, I also have found my age and I am bloody proud of it, millennial I am not.

I don’t know about other parts of the city, but in my neck of the woods, we seldom go a day without power interruptions at the most inopportune of times. Given that courtesy or proper customer service is not a priority to anything affiliated to the government, I find myself ill prepared for a full day without electricity. I therefore make do with telepathy, and riding on sheer luck, because my cell phone along with every other electronic has been rendered useless or dead. I’m down to jeans and silk, because looking unkempt is not what a lady my side of 30 does. I however have discovered that food not warmed in the microwave does keep its heat for longer, and tastes better…true story!

So it’s one of those blackout days, and I refuse to spend 12 hours trying to so solve the string theory. I pack my son and I and off we go to visit Nana, who not only has electricity, but has made honey glazed pork chops with roast potatoes (this is why I have and will probably always be plus size… I can say no to drugs but not mamas cooking!). Car doors are left wide open, my Tasmanian devil is off in a whirl wind and I am in the kitchen serving up a whole lot of goodness. In a matter of minutes, we are perched at the Gazebo peeling back succulent flesh and wondering how the heck Vegans survive. Sangria in a pitcher and sunglasses shading our eyes and we could be at the beach in Borabora. Aaaaah, ladies of leisure we shamelessly are!

If you haven’t met my mother, then you probably have not experienced sarcasm at its finest. I am in stitches over how my views are quickly turned into a statement that leaves me wondering if I attended school at all. It’s all clucking and giggles because time means nothing when the conversation only stops to confirm my child has not severed his limbs falling of nothing. Before I know it, it’s time to go. I have had a full day without looking at my phone, or receiving a call, or wondering what kind of stupid some people are. I am still here.

On my way home, I go past restaurants with terrace sitting and the site is pitiful at the least. Couples on a date, none looking at the other, because their noses are pointed to the screen and not each other. Even those waiting out traffic would rather go through old messages than look at their surroundings or watch life go by. Is this not an addiction? The inability to be alone with ones thoughts, the fear of looking inwards and having some quiet time or heavens forbid another human being. Is this how sex tapes were born? Because you bloody well cannot be away from your phone for all of 10 minutes?

It is shameful; the point of being human is to experience life. Not take a million photos that you will probably not look at again for the reminder of the year. Snap out of it folks, unless you want to be those who died at 18 but buried at 55 (if you’re lucky.)

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Author: spicewithlelo

I will tell it...brace yourself!

5 thoughts on “Older people.”

  1. Yes! It’s scary to fin myself sucked into that trap sometimes! Feels like the phone roots our feet into one spot while. Thank you for the reminder! I’m loving without my phone tomorrow. Absolutely!


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