Dear chubby chasers

No pity party here.


Amused. The word I use to describe my outlook on today’s society as pertains to weight. We now reside in a world of extremes… you either are pro extremely thin, or extremely fat. Being in between is too mainstream and normal never excited anyone.

So here we are, or rather, here I am. Shamelessly cheering for the team that has more to the bone. I understand there is a club that finds pleasure in mingling with the chub team… the so called chubby chasers (It should be called chubby feeders or chubby cuddlers because we cannot run… not that far anyway).  I however do understand what it is they see, and why associating with a thick girl will be nothing but corporeal.

Thing is, we know we are fat, believe me we do. Some have been all their lives, others found themselves here. We have been the butt of every joke, we have been scorned and  harangued to lose weight. We have lived to tell the tale.

By the time you interact with a thick sister, you will be swimming in positive vibes! Despite all the negative attention, we have dealt with it, and come out tops. Also, the fact that we seldom suffer Hypoglycemia does help keep the bitchy at bay.

This is Gakenia , true to her name she makes everyone happy! She is hands down the nicest person I know, with a big heart and an even bigger rack, this girl has lived through it all and now… the world is her run way.

Fatbashers please take a seat, Gakenia is curve approved!

Gakenia 2

She is sassy….watch out now!

Gakenia 3

What I see here is a “kiss my chubby ass!” pose…

Gakenia 4

Bold… doesn’t only come in colours.


Author: spicewithlelo

I will tell it...brace yourself!

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