Bei ya Gari imepanda sana!

The exchange season is now open!


If I got a thousand bob every time I heard this statement, I would own an island and refuse entry to all humans, save the ones I bear!

So it is that time of year when conversations about the cost of bus tickets rocketing and causing failure to return to work stations are had. Given that the festive season is an annual occurrence, and so is the hiking of bus tickets, I get mildly irritated when these girls get surprised that the return ticket will not cost the same as the one going to their rural homes.

So this was my civil conversation five days ago.

Surprised Girl (SG): Nilikuwa nataka kukujulisha, bei ya gari imepanda sana sitaweza kurudi kesho. ( I wanted to let you know that the bus tickets have increased far too much, and I will therefore not be able to resume work tomorrow)

Me: Sawa sawa ( Okay)

SG: Lakini ningoge tuu, nitarudi hii mwaka ( but do wait for me, I will return this year)

Me: Sawa sawa ( Okay)

SG: Sijui nikwanini wanapandisha bei hivyo, numeshangaa sana.

( I do not know why they hike the prices so much, I am really surprised! )

Me:  (facepalm! ) Usijali, itashuka tu. Kwaheri.( Do not worry, it will come back down. Good bye)

I head back to the bureau where I got SG and request for the same profile : A mature lady with at least 6 years’ experience working in a home with children.

The lady owner of the Bureau talks up the lady she is about to bring out, and says that she previously worked for a bi racial couple in Kileleshua who recently relocated to the UK. She will be perfect for me because she is honest and very patient with children.

She goes to fetch the said lady…

Only for SG to appear, and turn white as a sheet at the sight of me.

Yes people…the exchange season is now open!

Author: spicewithlelo

I will tell it...brace yourself!

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