Teachers… first taste of a love hate relationship?


A man who caused fear, who would not let me be.

He was my living nightmare.

I dozed off to the twilight zone. Where he came to life in vivid fashion; he would move towards me, as if in slow motion, and always on grey scale. A dark cloud always hovered above his head, and when he spoke, nothing came out. All I felt was a cold force swallow me, I was suddenly enveloped by ice, my limbs would not move, only my thoughts poured out of my brain. They came out as letters, not the entire alphabet, but letters that had meaning.

They were grades.

My grades.

Poor grades.

I, F, E, D

I woke up with a start, gasping for air. Swallowing cool mouthfuls, looking around my room, feeling him but not seeing him. When will this nightmare ever end?


The one part of my childhood that send a shiver down my spine, and not the delicious type of shiver. No. It’s the kind that happens when your most favourite character is about to open the door, then he hears a squeak in the floor boards behind him, and you know he is about to be knifed by a psycho killer… and the door still won’t open, because there is a dead body behind it, his best friend’s corpse, they really should have stayed on campus and done beer bongs instead.


Who was born ready to be cast as a Death eater. For his uncanny ability to suck life out of children, eliminate any joy in your being.


With his dark yet pale skin. His small beady eyes always bloodshot, as if he washed them in tomato puree and didn’t do a good job of rinsing them. He summoned fear, quietly through his little eyes, as he looked at our answer sheets, looking for his next victim, his cane at the ready. Pass mark was 28, out of a possible 30.


Whose long spindly legs carried him swiftly. We seldom heard his footsteps, he simply appeared at the door, then locked it behind him. Perishing the thought of making a quick escape from the surprise CATS and monotone lectures. His boney arms lay limply at his sides, misleading everyone of the power they delivered with that awful cane.


The deliberate yet unfortunate reason for my high grades. My first love hate relationship.


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Author: spicewithlelo

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