To live vicariously, a better option.

A life full of colour soon turns grey …


He just sat there.

His heart pounding loudly through to his ears.  A thin cold sweat dripped down his forehead and on to his desk, making a silent splash onto a page. The page that looked up at him, patiently waiting for words to be written, words that should be informed, accurate but not verbatim. Knowledge ought to flow from his curious mind to the tip of his pen, because foolishness is not kindly looked upon, and failure is not an option…not to him and especially not to his family.

The time had come. But he was not ready… he was far from ready.

He eyed everyone in the room with the suspicion of a dealer about to make a drop. No one paid attention to him, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was on to him. He shifted on his seat, hoping his over active pores were not soaking his little treasured secret. He had thought his left back pocket was the most ideal position, because anyone who does a brisk body search does so quickly, and shyly. To linger on anyone’s bottom would be considered perverted, and open a door to a swift law suite. Yes, Daniel was cunning, and had thought this through, or so he thought. Only one detail eluded him…and it was coming at him with the might of Thor’s hummer.

“Damn it!” He thought. “Why isn’t he going out for is cigarette break like he usually does? He has picked the wrong day to quit the fag!”

The folly with Daniel is this…. He is very much a last minute person and the King of turn up. He preferred his whiskey cheap and potent, and his girls easy and sleazy. He consumed both quicker than Mswati acquired brides, a reputation built on a his YOLO mantra . He did not believe in missing out on anything, except studying, because this far he had come on his secret lists aka mwakenya.

Yes, four years down the line, Daniel had sustained good grades and sailed through based on his boyish good looks and witty charm.

But not today. 

At the front of the class sat the old professor, ever so popular with the students for his humorous banter and “academic angle” walk. The sagacious professor had lost his zest for life, robbed of his will to live and left as a skeleton, hollow and deprived of any desire, except for that which brought him to his current status.  Prof. had recently found Jesus, out of necessity more than a sincere will of the heart.  He had been given six months to live, his lungs could no longer bring him life. Years of dragging tobacco through his pipes to his blood had left him scarred, he was now living with Cancer, discovered too late to correct its course. The old professor, now clung to what was left of his time with a sharp mind but weakness could not allow him the luxuries he once knew. He quietly made a mental bucket list, wondering if anyone would find it silly, should it be found in his time capsule next to his grave.

Two destinies now tangoed , each one regretting his choices.

Daniel, needs to pass his finals to graduate. The answers wait in his left pocket.

Old professor, knowing fully well that one more cigarette would send him to his grave, prays for mercy as the aching for a taste of sweet tobacco competes with the daily prayer.

Yes… we all need to live the day, but consider your future.

Author: spicewithlelo

I will tell it...brace yourself!

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