Why I write…

In as much as misery likes company, sometimes being on your own is the only misery you need.


I can not remember what I was reading or where I was reading this, but these words echoed deep in my soul and spoke of me in a voice as clear as day and as cold as the abyss that is my mind.

In as  much as misery likes company, sometimes being on your own is the only misery you need.

I often find myself craving to be alone with my thoughts. The hustle and bustle of life leaves me deflated, a cup of sweet black coffee and silence wielding instant remedy for my spent body and depleted spirit. So in silence my mind will wonder, and then I pen most of my PG rated thoughts.

I write because there are many like me.

I write because I do not fear.

I write because I have experience, in life and in being.

I write because I aim to make a difference, and a little comic relief might be all you need.

I write because someone has to say it, and yes, I will call you out.

I write because I can, I have allowed myself to free my spirit and give legs to my thoughts.

I write because the art of letter writing is dying fast, and writing letters to myself is flat out weird.

So… I write.

Go on, be silent, think of everything, or nothing at all… it will not kill you to be alone with yourself.

Author: spicewithlelo

I will tell it...brace yourself!

11 thoughts on “Why I write…”

  1. One of the biggest achievements of my adult life was I finally got comfortable in my own skin, and could enjoy my own company without feeling forlorn and when when I’m labelled as some kind of eccentric recluse! I totally relate!


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