Mum and Dad…no relation!

This Nairobi will honestly never cease to amaze me!

How trends come and go, is a matter that should have national budget dedicated to it. Sherlock in all his dexterity will be gob smacked at reasons given for something’s that really should not be.

People… I have just realized why the term Mum and Dad are used to refer to your pastor, please believe me when I say… It is a silent cry for help!

I cannot speak for everyone. But it is taboo to seduce your parents. And by seduce I mean sexually! Would you prance around the house, wearing clothing that will have the devil blush in front of your folks? Would you seat across from them, crossing and uncrossing your legs whilst your hem line is somewhere north of your crack?
So why in heavens name would your dress the way you do while going to church? Are you taking your “I have nothing to wear” a bit too seriously? Please allow me to address some of these sin inducers!

You with the thorax! Strutting your stuff like Johnny “look at me” Bravo, how dare you display you wide shoulders and slender waist line like that! You muscle shirt is so tight that I am breathing for you! And them jeans, oooooh them jeans, Levi ought to pay you. Would it have killed you to dress as if you were going to an interview? Have some respect for crying out loud! How many times do you work out? Thrice? In the morning? Where exactly? I am asking for my single pals… for truth I am!

And you with the bandage dress! You must have done a dozen squats this morning… you back side can’t stop smiling…such cute dimples! And that jacket you have on, very chic, .although it only calls attention your nether region, and them heels… damn… Call up Gertrude and do a collabo.

The thing is, we all need to remember that these people of God are first human, and then pastors, fathers, spouses, not necessarily in this order. So when you dress in a manner screaming that church was not your final destination, how do you want them to react? Instead of focusing on making you a better person, the pastors be focusing on calming the flesh!

Please… let us not make each other’s lives difficult! If this trend continues, let each church have uniform, make us all “equal”.


Author: spicewithlelo

I will tell it...brace yourself!

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